The Mikvah

Very special, barely visible examples of the diversity of Jewish life were the ritual immersion baths (Mikwaoth), which were previously available in almost every Jewish community (e.g. in Trendelburg, Hofgeismar, Grebenstein, Meimbressen, Hoof, Zierenberg, Naumburg, Wolfhagen and Volkmarsen).

Memorial wall

An approximately 18 m long wall was built directly on a heavily trafficked country road to commemorate the murdered Jewish citizens of the city of Volkmarsen.

Memorial avenue in Sobibor

The commemorative project initiated by “Bildungswerk Stanislaw Hantz”, the Sobibor Memorial and the Dutch “Stichting Sobibor” is actively supported from the start.

Searching for traces

Polish and German schoolchildren on the trail of the victims of the Holocaust in northern Hesse.