Ernst Klein 2021
300 Pages
ISBN 978-3-982134-36-9
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Bernstein und Hüneberg

Fünf Jahrhunderte Deutsch-Jüdische Familiengeschichte

In this book about the Bernstein and Hüneberg families, we relive a family history that begins in the 16th century and goes through the times of the emancipation of German Jews to the eventful experiences of Otto Bernstein in World War I, life in the Weimar Republic, the times of the National Socialist reign of terror and the indescribable period of suffering in the Theresienstadt ghetto lead to Australia.In the second part of his book, his son Bern Brent tells of his childhood in Berlin, his flight to England, the involuntary shipment to Australia at the beginning of the Second World War and his successful new start in his new home.The report concludes with the visits to Bern Brent and his children and grandchildren in Germany.

Ernst Klein 2016
250 Pages
ISBN 978-3-981334-41-8
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„aber es ist besser als

Butterbrot in D.“

History is life lived. In this book, over 30 Jewish women, men and children who once lived in North Hesse tell the story of their lives. The stories in connection with numerous old recordings, letters and documents, as well as sketched maps, bring the different life paths closer to the reader in a lively way.

With a foreword by Moshe Meron, former vice-president of the Knesseth. Reviews: see section “Press”



Ernst Klein / Geschichtswerkstatt Rückblende Gegen das Vergessen
304 Pages
ISBN 978-3-924259-11-2
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Verschwundene Nachbarn –

Verdrängte Geschichte

Accompanying book to the permanent exhibition “German-Jewish life in our region over the centuries” with short portraits of the Jewish rural communities, eyewitness reports, documents etc.

with a foreword by
Dr. Hans-Jochen Vogel, Munich


Ernst Klein 2013
110 Pages about 200 Images
ISBN 978-3-00-44794-5
Immediately available / 9,50 €

Volkmarsen – meine Stadt

in Geschichte und Gegenwart

A city guide for young people and all the elderly who have kept their interest in local history. Seven different city tours on different topics are described:

  • Volkmarsen surrounded by water
  • Excursion with the Schellenkarl in ancient times
  • Time travel with Ilse Lichtenstein
  • 1932 in the footsteps of the Volkmars Jews
  • 70 years later: Ilse Lichtenstein comes back
  • Exhibitions in the Villa Dr. Bock
  • Attractions around the city
  • Changes in the period of an age
  • rediscovered Mikveh in Volkmarsen
  • A unique find in 2013

Schüren-Verlag Marburg, 2015
Ernst Klein / Mechthild Wallbrecher (Hrsg.)
346 Pages
ISBN 978-3-89472-290-6
Immediately available / 19,80 €

„Stacheln im Honig“

von Joel Dorkam-Dispeker

A German-Israeli family story In this book, the author, born in Kassel in 1929, takes us on an expedition through his stormy, restless, eventful and eventful life in Germany, France, Spain and Israel

3. Auflage 2019
Herausgeber: Ernst Klein
Project funding through
Netzwerk für Toleranz
ISBN 978-3-9821343-1-4
Immediately available / 9,50 €

„In meiner Tasche“

Dorrith M. Sim (Marianne Oppenheim), Illustrationen von Gerald Fitzgerald

It is actually a sad story, but it also gives hope: A little girl is sent alone on a long journey to a strange world, without parents, with many other children, to strange people with a strange language. But the parents did not voluntarily send their child away. It is a Jewish girl’s escape from the persecution of Nazi tyranny in 1939. A children’s book about child transports in the “Third Reich” – is that possible? The answer is yes. Thanks to the simple texts and the appealing images, the book can be read in primary school, the additional texts in English and a short historical description of the “Kindertransport” can also be used in various subjects. It is very well suited to relate the present to the fates of today’s refugee children in class. “

Editor and editor of the German edition Ernst Klein in cooperation with the city Wolfhagen
352 Pages
ISBN 978-3-981334-47-0
Immediately available / 18,00 €


“A lifelong journey of survival and personal salvation” The story of Ralph W. Mollerick – Wolfgang Rolf Möllerich from Wolfhagen-

American edition David Herschler / Ralph W.Mollerick


Film projects with young people

 „From Volkmarsen to Sobibor“ Polish and German youths together on the traces of National Socialist persecution) (German, Polish, English)

Eventful times”Protestant and Catholic youth play scenes from the time of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation

“Young people in the footsteps of the local Jews”, Part I and II


Contributions to various publications:

 “A successful search for traces” – contribution in “Hessische Heimat”, magazine for art, culture and monument preservation

“Kleines Kasseler Literaturlexikon”, edited by Prof. Nikola Roßbach,

Uni Kassel (contributions about Sigmund Dispeker and Joel Dorkam, 2018)

“The Eighth Light”, H. Burmeister / Dr. M. Dorhs, Hofgeismar 2002

“On Grandma’s birthday we go to P.” – The violent abduction of Jews from Waldeck-Frankenberg, Korbach 2013, (ed. M. Lilienthal, K.H. Stadtler, Dr. Voelcker-Janssen), 2013)

“November pogrome 1938” – riots and attacks in Waldeck-Frankenberg (ed. Dr. M. Lilienthal, K.H. Stadler, 2018)


Numerous articles / essays in magazines etc. such as

“Jewish Europe”
“Die Brücke” (German and Russian)
yearbooks of the district of Kassel
Member magazines of “Against Forgetting-For Democracy”, Berlin